Rewind Products



We love the 80s.

This was a time when technology products were simple yet stylish. Mechanical yet high tech. And honestly, just dope!

The vision of Rewind is to bring back the past technology with modern enhancements. We are creating high-quality products with a nostalgic design. 

Our team has been hard at work developing our first product, which is a retro-inspired headphone for your smartphone.

It’s super lightweight for a comfortable wear over long hours.

Our modern speakers will deliver high-quality sound to listen to your favorite music.

The forward facing speakers also allow for what we call “noise inclusion”. You no longer have to tune out the world when you’re walking the streets as with most in-ear and over-the-ear headphones.

And the mic allows you to take calls and control your music on the go. 

And long live wires! Wear them around your neck and look lit!

Join us and make the 80s live forever. Thank you! Let’s rewind.